Integrate internet fax for better patient care

Integrate internet fax for better patient care

Many doctors are struggling to integrate the latest technology. They want to take advantage of all that they have to offer, but they also deal with a number of issues specific to their area. The need for simple integration, patient confidentiality, HIPAA compliance, increased efficiency and cost are all things that need to be seen when a doctor is considering an upgrade in his technique. Of the many available technologies, Internet Fax is one that can easily be integrated into a surgery with immediate benefits that ultimately leads to better patient care.

Simple integration

Integrating Internet Fax into your office is extremely easy. In a few minutes, you can get an internet fax number and start sending and receiving your important and confidential fax documents. No software or hardware is needed. This means that there is no time or delays when you switch from your current default fax machine to an Internet fax solution.

HIPAA compliance

Particularly important for surgeries looking at a new technique is to maintain patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. Unlike regular faxes that come into a fax machine that is available to a number of people crossing the office, Internet fax documents will either be in a PIN protected online interface or an email address. If users choose to receive the fax to e mail, they can be encrypted into a password protected ZIP formatted file for an additional security level.

Increased efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of a medical office that integrates Internet fax technology will be the increased efficiency. Between laboratory reports, procedural permissions, communication between patients, other doctors and insurance companies, there are many faxes that go back and forth at a doctors office. And every time a fax is expected or needs to be sent, staff need to go back and forth to the fax machine. These frequent trips back and forth, especially when the fax they are waiting for is delayed, waste the precious time needed to take care of patients. With Internet Fax, all faxes can be sent and received from their desktop computer.

Many doctors also have a shared line for their phone, fax and not uncommonly their credit card processing terminal. This entails delays in vital communication, patient care and payment processing.

Another feature of internet fax that contributes to the efficiency of your office is the ability to archive and store common fax documents like new patient papers and permission to release medical records. Once stored, the common documents can be faxed out with a few mouse clicks. In the case of received faxes, only those who need to print and save the others electronically are written, so that the paper pipe decreases sharply.


Of all the technologies out there that doctors can consider for their offices, Internet faxing will be by far the best value for money. Internet service can be found for around 10.00 per month. Some vendors are charged by the page while others take one minute and most will contain some use with your monthly rental. When doing research for an Internet fax provider, doctors should examine pricing to ensure they get the best solution. Most times, the price per minute is more cost effective. Multiple fax pages can usually be sent and received per minute at a lower cost than paying for each individual page. With an Internet Fax Solution, your doctor will also get rid of the costs of a regular fax machine, such as fax paper, toner and maintenance.

When doctors seek to integrate the latest technology into their offices, it must be taken into account for ease of integrity, patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, regardless of whether the new technology will increase efficiency and cost. Internet fax is a technology that passes in every way. All the benefits that a surgery will experience with internet fax integration is equal to one thing better patient care.

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